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Lawsuit against Google on gender pay gap dismissed by California court: Report

The judge said that the complaint was too vague. Fresh lawsuit to be filed in January.


In August, an “anti-diversity manifesto” penned by a Google employee had taken the tech world by storm. While the elaborate note did reek of White, male privilege, it also brought to focus Google’s gender ratios and diversity policies. Not a lot of it was encouraging, considering only one-fifth of Google’s tech workforce was made up of women. More recently, new allegations surfaced that Google pays its women lesser than men. Some female employees even filed a class action lawsuit against the company. However, a California state court has just dismissed the suit, Reuters reports.

The judge has stated that the lawsuit, which represented all female Google employees in California, was “too vague”. And she has asked the plaintiffs to file a new complaint for only the specific groups of women affected by the gender pay gap. The court has given them a month to file a new suit, which essentially means that Google has avoided any legal action until mid-January. However, the plaintiffs may not be deterred considering they aren’t the first ones to point out pay discrimination at the search giant.

In April, the US Department of Labor (DoL) had accused Google of “systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce.” The DoL stated that it had received “compelling evidence of very significant discrimination against women” in the most common positions at Google. The company, however, denied allegations of any gender pay gap. “Every year, we do a comprehensive and robust analysis of pay across genders and we have found no gender pay gap,” Google claimed in a statement. However, it refused to part with wage data saying it was too “cumbersome”.

The complainants, who filed the lawsuit in September, alleged that Google was paying women significantly less than men for similar jobs. They further claimed that the firm was assigning inferior jobs to women workers that made them less eligible for promotions and perks. The lawyer representing the three women who are behind the lawsuit has said that “Google violates the California Equal Pay Act… by paying women less than men for substantially equal work in nearly every job classification.” He’s announced that a new lawsuit would be filed in early January.

  • Published Date: December 7, 2017 2:18 PM IST