Lenovo sub-brand Zuk could be making a return

An invitation posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo suggests that the brand may still be active.

  • Published: August 13, 2018 10:00 AM IST

Lenovo had established a sub-brand called Zuk in 2015, but limited success and an increased focus on the much more recognizable and reputed Motorola brand meant that the brand didn’t see too many launches. Earlier reports had also suggested that the Zuk brand had been shelved, as Lenovo turned its attention to its own name brand along with Motorola, which was acquired from Google in 2014. However, it seems that the brand is still alive.

A recent image spotted on Chinese social media platform Weibo suggests that Lenovo may still have plans for the Zuk brand. The image shows an invitation to the launch of the first Zuk smartphone, the Zuk Z1. This doesn’t imply that Zuk has any events planned in the immediate future, but simply suggests that the brand is still active and working on new smartphones.

There is no more information on this for the time being, so whether Zuk actually makes a return or not is entirely speculative for now.

The Zuk brand was launched in India with two phones – the Zuk Z1 and Zuk Z2 Plus – although it wasn’t given an entirely independent identity at the time. Instead, devices were branded as ‘Lenovo Zuk‘, in order to make the association to the much more established Lenovo brand. Subsequently, even Motorola devices were branded with the Lenovo name, although those devices still retain a distinct flavor.

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The last device launched under the Zuk name was the Zuk Edge, which never saw a release in India. Any new Zuk device would likely be along the same lines and philosophy, offering high-end specifications and better features, while keeping the price low through an online-only distribution strategy.

  • Published Date: August 13, 2018 10:00 AM IST