Meet VuLiv Player, the one-stop app for your on-device and online content

VuLiv Player's machine learning algorithm studies a user's activity and accordingly suggests related content.


Consuming online content on a mobile is gradually picking up now with internet connectivity spreading steadily across the country. Content like music, videos, movies, and TV shows are consumed on a daily basis on different platforms. VuLiv player as an app aims to be “one home for entertainment”. But what’s different about VuLiv player is that it infuses both online and on-device content on a single platform for the user to consume.

VuLiv Player app has been around for almost a year now and has over a million downloads on Google Play Store. The growth in downloads and user activity made the company come to the decision to formally announce the app and what it’s all about. Manoj Kumar Gupta, co-founder of Vuliv explains what the app does and what the future plans are around it. Manoj says that VuLiv aims to build an ecosystem for the user to access their on-device and online content at one place avoiding the need to download other apps. Other than behaving as a media player, it also has machine learning algorithm that studies the user’s activity and suggests related content accordingly.

He also highlights how the app will solely focus on recommending content only by playing the videos available. Within seconds of playing a certain clip, related videos will show up, thereby avoiding the need to type in the search bar. He adds that with this seamlessness, VuLiv Player will help break the language barrier amongst the millions in India.

VuLiv doesn’t provide original content but instead acts as a host for videos from different channels like YouTube and Voot. Popular entertainment shows like Miss Malini, AIB, and news content from publications like ScoopWhoop, India TV, and Dainik Bhaskar are available on the app. Videos from these platforms will be played within the VuLiv app as the content is integrated within it. The app acts strictly as a medium for streaming content from other platforms and does not come with the option to download for later consumption. ALSO READ: Facebook launches ‘Watch’, an exclusive platform for videos

Suggestive content is something not new but with VuLiv, the recommendations will be applicable for the device’s videos and songs as well. There are two sections on the app for photos and videos. With granted permission, photos, music and videos from the device will be integrated to the app. In terms of design, the layout of the app isn’t very appealing although it does offer a simplistic approach. ALSO READ: YouTube introduces in-app chat and video share feature

The app relies heavily on internet connectivity for streaming content online. When asked about the internet connectivity issues in India, Gupta said that VuLiv’s main purpose is the offline function which is for the device’s photos and videos. He explains that the photos and videos on the app can be renamed and categorically arranged for the user according to dates, months, and events. This feature is already available on the Photos app on iOS, so having to download a separate app doesn’t make sense. While the app may serve the user’s purpose of consuming their offline content, it may not be the ideal choice when internet issues arise. ALSO READ: 56% of Indian smartphone users face poor internet connection

VuLiv Player shopping

A weirdly interesting addition on the app is a shopping platform. Gupta says that they do not aim to be a major e-commerce platform and compete against the likes of Flipkart or Amazon India. The products available include gift items which are mostly priced within Rs 300. There are coupons for sale too for different platforms like Make My Trip, Amazon and Book My Show. The shopping platform acts as a micro app for users but only to fulfill a minimal purpose.

Enhancing the app’s machine learning algorithm, VuLiv will be updated with new features which will integrate information from SMSs. This will be strictly restricted to SMSs about offers from different brands and it will be shown as ads while watching videos on the app. Tapping on these promotional ads will initiate actions of claiming the offer via a phone call or the respective app. This feature will be set by default but users have the option to disable it.

  • Published Date: August 12, 2017 11:05 AM IST