Microsoft builds treehouses for employees in US campus

Microsoft’s treehouses are equipped with an outdoor Wi-Fi network.

  • Published: October 16, 2017 10:55 AM IST
Microsoft Tree House

Amidst our busy and hectic work life, we’re all looking to escape in nature for peace of mind. Microsoft is trying to balance work with nature as it introduces treehouse work spaces. Microsoft‘s treehouse base has a modern twist with Wi-Fi, and power connectivity. The entire setup is wood-crafted starting from the gate, following with the ramp which lead to the cabins. Other than the wooden interior there’s isn’t any decoration as the theme seems to be simplicity.

Through Microsoft’s video you can see a conference room with employees seated inside with their Surface laptops on and having discussions. There are open space areas as well where you can lounge with your laptop and work. Microsoft’s poetic description of their treehouse workstation makes it seem quite tempting. In a blog post, Microsoft writes, “A fall wind sweeps through emerald branches. Every once in a while, a pinecone drops to the deck with a soft thud. A sudden ruckus breaks the gentle morning hush: a squirrel scrambling for breakfast charges across the arms of nearby hemlock and western red cedar.”

Microsoft’s treehouse is equipped with an outdoor Wi-Fi network. Every seat and bench is weatherproof, and has a hatch for electrical connectivity. There’s a cafeteria, and a barbecue restaurant as well. The treehouse also comes with tactile surfaces for visually impaired people. An interesting feature is it’s waterproof awning which stencils Microsoft logo when the sun shines on it. ALSO READ: Microsoft’s Windows Phone is officially dead, and it’s a good thing

In total, Microsoft has three treehouses with one located in Pacific Northwest Douglas fir, and another yet to be completed. Microsoft’s treehouses are built by Pete Nelson who is known for his work on Treehouse Masters TV show. With a lifespan of 20 years, Microsoft’s treehouses are said to expand as the trees grow. ALSO READ: Microsoft Lumia 435 Windows Phone was supposed to launch with all-screen design

  • Published Date: October 16, 2017 10:55 AM IST