Microsoft Edge mobile browser crosses 5 million downloads on Google Play Store

A growing number of users are looking beyond Google Chrome, Google's own browser for Android and the default on most Android smartphones.

  • Published: June 25, 2018 1:37 PM IST
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The Microsoft Edge mobile browser for Android has crossed 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, making it one of the most popular browser apps for Android apart from Google’s own Chrome browser. While most smartphones use either in-built browsers or Google Chrome as their default browsers, users are free to install an after-market browser on Android smartphones.

After crossing 1 million downloads in December 2017, it’s taken only six months for Microsoft to get to 5 million downloads. Edge is the successor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and is also available in a Windows version, apart from being the default browser on Windows Phone and Windows 10 devices. The milestone is particularly noteworthy because it’s a sign of Edge’s popularity; users are proactively installing it as their default browser, skipping the use of Chrome or any other web browser that comes pre-installed on their phones.

The Google Play Store shows the rough number of app downloads, with different increments indicating how many times the app has been installed. While it was showing ‘1,000,000+’ till now, that number is now ‘5,000,000+’ and could go to ‘10,000,000+’ before the end of 2018. Currently weighing in at 64MB, Microsoft Edge works on Android devices running Android 4.4 and higher.

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The key feature of Microsoft Edge is continuous browsing, letting users easily transition between browsing on different devices. Its popularity on Windows 10 devices is likely a strong reason for the number of installs on Android; smartphone users can directly transition from their Windows 10 PCs. Apart from this Microsoft Edge also has an in-built QR Code Reader, voice search and InPrivate, which is the browser’s version of incognito browsing.

  • Published Date: June 25, 2018 1:37 PM IST