Microsoft files patent for auto-switching mode in Edge browser for 'adult' content

The patent describes a technique which could make the browser auto-switch between regular and private modes based on websites visited.

  • Published: November 25, 2017 2:18 PM IST

Microsoft has filed a patent that will make ‘private browsing’ more private. For any sensitive, sensual, or purely ‘adult’ content surfing we often head to the private mode on a given browser, lest we are tracked for the browsing history. Now, Microsoft is looking at an option which will help you keep such browsing sessions away from prying eyes.

The patent titled “Automation of Browser Mode Switching,” essentially helps you do away with the need to manually open the In Private mode on the Edge browser while surfing the web.

Instead of actively opening the window or tab when you are visiting websites with adult content, which not only includes porn websites but also medical websites, the Microsoft Edge browser will automatically switch the browser modes.

The technique described essentially enables automatic switching between normal browsing and private browsing modes. The flow charts mentioned in the patent describe how the algorithm works by detecting the request made on the browser, to identifying the change in behavior, to either presenting the user the option for modes, or making the switching automatically, reports.

Although the idea presents a more seamless way of approaching internet surfing, it is unclear as to how the said ‘request’ for supposedly ‘adult’ content will be identified and how will the information be retained. Whether or not it will be stored in a secure location on your PC or a cloud service, and what all sites will be included for automatic identification.

It is worth mentioning that it is just a patent filing for the Microsoft Edge browser, which may or may not be implemented in the current version. It may also signify something that the company might be working on purely for academic or research purposes.

  • Published Date: November 25, 2017 2:18 PM IST