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Microsoft Surface Pro 2017: The all new 2-in-1 Windows 10 device does invoke hope in a boring segment

Compact, convertible, and versatile.


Bulky laptops are passé, Tablets aren’t exactly convenient. Desktop computers now seem to cater to select enterprises. The solution lies somewhere in between to entice the end user where biggies like Apple and Microsoft are finding revenue. These hybrids or 2-in-1 devices not only offer versatility but also portability – a crucial element in the purchase decisions of the generation on the move. In a rather unusual instance, Microsoft headed east for the launch of its newest Surface hardware. Called simply as ‘the all new Surface Pro,’ the hybrid device seeks to compete against the MacBook or the iPad Air or other such 2-in-1 devices.

If you’ve used desktop computers, laptops, and tablet PCs, you’d probably felt something was missing on the design front. Although PC displays grew slimmer over the years, and laptops and tablets became sleeker, there was need for something more. On-the-go productivity on a personal computing device was restricted to a smartphone.

Cut to the hybrids, and your complaints seem to fade. The all-new Surface Pro brings the convenience of a full-fledged laptop (with add-ons, of course) and the portability of a smartphone (it weighs less than a kilo). With compact convertible devices, one question is that of flexibility; how much can that one device allow you to extract without having to reach out for additional hardware. ALSO READ: Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Here’s what all has changed

At the base price of $799 (approximately Rs 51,900), the new Surface Pro offers a touch-screen interface, support for the Surface Pen (enhanced for more realistic output), and support for the Surface Dial (a computer controller, ideally meant for the Surface Studio, to assist in navigation and customization). Even without these add-ons, the new Surface Pro, in its tablet-only form, boasts a 12.3-inch PixelSense Display and runs the newest Intel Kaby Lake processor with storage choices of up to 1TB and RAM of up to 16GB. Despite its tablet form, the Surface Pro offers a battery backup of up to 13.5 hours, which gives a whole new direction to the word productivity-on-the-go. One of the highlights of the new Surface Pro is that unlike the industry’s obsession with Type-C ports, it features a standard full-sized port allowing you to plug in peripherals without using an adapter – offering flexibility in every sense of the word.

If you go out hunting for the closest high-end competitor, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 comes to the mind. But what the premium device lacks is a touch-based interface, stylus support, and of course, the multi-way operability. There’s an older processor under the hood and up to only 10 hours of battery performance. ALSO READ: Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 with Intel Kaby Lake processor launched: Specifications and features

In terms of aesthetic appeal, the new Surface Pro comes with an improved kickstand that allows you to tilt it up to 165-degree angle for a seamless experience with the Surface Dial. While the overall appearance is similar to the Surface Pro 4, the new model can be accessorized with the new Alcantara Type Covers offering a fabric feel for comfort.

The new Surface Pro is interesting because in addition to educators and casual users, it also appeals to artists or creative professionals for who muse is never limited to the workplace. If you’ve discovered beautiful landscape, all you need to do is click a picture using the 8-megapixel 1080p rear camera and get to editing it using all the familiar tools you’ve ever used on Windows. Even Photoshop. If you have an idea while traveling, simply doodle using the Surface Pen while on-the-go. With 4096 levels of pressure, the precision of the stylus is aimed at helping you get the strokes right. If you’re a writer like me, or a sales executive on the go, ideas could appear just about anywhere. The portability of the device and the keyboard lets you put together finishing touches to the last paragraph of the document or slide on your PowerPoint Presentation anytime. It offers you the complete Windows 10 experience.

The new Surface Pro isn’t just a hybrid 2-in-1 device that Microsoft is marketing, but rather a sum of the best that the company is offering – its newest OS blended with the latest processors, a form factor to appeal to users of every kind, added features for seamlessness, and of course, the price to make it a wholesome package. With its past Surface devices, the company might not have tasted pure success but the new Surface Pro with its support for other Surface hardware from Microsoft’s portfolio, I’d expect the device to have an edge against its direct competitors.

  • Published Date: May 24, 2017 12:02 PM IST