Microsoft Surface Pro 6 beats Apple iPad Pro 2018 in the durability test

The material used to build the Surface Pro 6 is stronger with no structural flaws that would increase the damage done to the device.

  • Published: November 22, 2018 6:59 PM IST
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs iPad Pro 2018

Image credit: JerryRigsEverything

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Apple iPad Pro 2018 are two of the best tablets in the market at the time of writing for two different worlds. People who are looking for a full-fledged operating system that can natively run heavy apps such as Photoshop can look towards the Surface Pro 6. This is considering that the users are good with using Windows OS. On the flip side, people who already have a number of Apple devices and want something that can seamlessly integrate into the ecosystem can check the Apple iPad Pro 2018. However, regardless of the differences in terms of the software, one would still want to see both the tablets pit against each other.

Popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything just did that by comparing the Surface Pro 6 with the iPad Pro 2018. To dive into details of the comparison,  Zack, the person behind the channel posted a torture test for the iPad Pro 2018 a few weeks back. In a new video, Zack subjected the Surface Pro 6 under the same durability tests to check which of the two devices was better. According to the durability test, the Surface Pro 6 is comparatively much stronger and durable than the iPad Pro.

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The material used to build the Surface is stronger with no structural flaws that would increase the damage done to the device. He noted that the built-in metal kickstand for the Surface helped increase the durability of the device. Microsoft has used metal for the sides, bottom, and the back of the device.  Though, the top side of the device along with the side power button and the volume rocker is made from plastic.

In the bent-test, Surface held its own and Zack had to use an excessive amount of force to damage the screen. He did note that the rigidity of the device is likely because of its 775g in comparison to the 468g weight of the iPad Pro. One weak part about the Surface was the display which developed cracks in the screen scratch test. This means that it is important for users to use a screen protector with the Surface.

  • Published Date: November 22, 2018 6:59 PM IST