Microsoft Windows 95 Mobile: YouTube video pictures a past that never was

The video maker even brings back Clippy as a virtual assistant to take place of Cortana.

  • Published: June 29, 2018 12:17 PM IST
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Image credits: YouTube Channel 4096

A YouTube channel by the name “4096” has posted a one minute and 11-second long video imagining what Microsoft Windows 95 Mobile would have looked on a modern smartphone if that was ever a thing. This takes all that we know and remember about how Windows 95 looked and apply that design language to Windows Mobile that the company launched with Windows Phone 7 and the updates Windows 10 Mobile layout complete with a retro-looking metro design language. The video shows the mashup of how far the company has come in the last 23 years when it comes to UI design and advancement in technology that pushed us this far.

The video brings graphics elements such as the classic taskbar, Start menu, icons, splash screen of programs along with the error messages. The video maker even brings back Clippy as a virtual assistant instead of Cortana. The video also adds a fun reference to the limited availability of Cortana at launch with its own message. The graphics also includes the banding effect that was present because of lack of color depth in a limited color space. The video showcases the old-school versions of Microsoft Word with “Word 95” and Internet Explorer as they would look on a smartphone screen.

According to the original report by CNET, Former President of Microsoft’s Windows Division, Steven Sinofsky also tweeted in a response to the video adding “this is pretty cute but the Windows team did this for real in 2011” while linking to an MSDN blog post from 2012.

The blog post detailed how Microsoft went about building Windows operating system for the ARM processor while showcasing the full Windows desktop running on an ARM-based device along with the classing version of Solitaire.

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The video also showcases Windows 95-interface interpretations of modern apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, along with a number of classic programs including Sound recorder, and HyperTerminal. Last, but not the least, the video ends with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer dancing.

  • Published Date: June 29, 2018 12:17 PM IST