Microsoft Windows Collaboration Displays will make meeting rooms more efficient

Windows Collaboration Displays will come with high resolution screens, multi-touch and stylus support along with built-in sensors .

  • Published: June 6, 2018 3:58 PM IST
Microsoft CollaboratioDisplay

Microsoft is about to launch Windows Collaboration Displays for meeting rooms at Computex 2018. Though it looks like it belongs in the same category as the Surface Hub devices, Microsoft will be working with other display manufactures to create Collaboration Displays. Unlike the Surface Hub, the device doesn’t come with its own hardware. It instead needs to be hooked  up to a Windows 10 PC. So it’s more like a big, interactive screen.

The Collaboration Displays will feature high-resolution panels that support multi-touch and stylus input. Microsoft also states that they carry far-field microphones for features like Cortana. There is even a camera attached to make video conference calls.

Microsoft has designed the display keeping in mind its own software offering, such as Office tools, Teams and Whiteboard. The displays will also come with built-in sensors that work in sync with Microsoft’s Azure Internet of Things spatial recognition. Microsoft claims that the technology can help create a better environment to work in. For example, with spatial intelligence, the display will be able to manage the room temperature better or help improve room booking systems, in order to make the place more efficient.

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Microsoft has already partnered with a number of third-party manufactures to build Collaboration Displays. Out of that, Sharp and Avacor are the companies expected to launch their displays later this year. There is no word on pricing yet, but the fact that they do not come with a lot of built-in hardware, could mean that they will be priced a lot lower than the $9000 (approximately Rs 6,00,000) Surface Hub.

  • Published Date: June 6, 2018 3:58 PM IST