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Monument Valley 2 now available on Android

Monument Valley 2 follows the journey of Ro and her child.

  • Published: November 8, 2017 11:20 AM IST
WWDC 2017 Monument Valley 2 launched on iOS

Monument Valley, the indie puzzle game is a favorite among iOS users. First launched in 2014, Monument Valley has been downloaded over 15 million times on iOS. At WWDC 2017, Apple made a surprising announcement of releasing the sequel to the visually appealing game. Monument Valley 2 was launched on iOS with a price tag of Rs 400. Within four months of its release on iOS, Monument Valley 2 has now made its way to Android.

Monument Valley 2 is available for devices running on Android 4.4 and above. Like iOS, the game on Android is also priced at Rs 400 with no in-app purchases. Its predecessor is priced at Rs 260 with in-app purchases rounding off to Rs 150 per item. Creator of the indie game, ustwo Games has a trailer for Monument Valley 2, which gives a glimpse at the main character Ro and her child’s journey. You can see from the trailer itself how beautifully the geometric world is crafted with adventures taking different shapes which is sure to excite you.

Monument Valley 2 follows the journey of Ro as she teachers her child on their encounters with magical architecture, illusionary pathways, and delightful puzzles. Monument Valley 2 has the same gameplay, and is set in the same universe as the first. If you haven’t played the first game then you can still go for the sequel as the developers say that the knowledge of the previous is not required. This time, users will guide Ro and her child as they explore the mysteries of the valley, its environments, and manipulate architecture as they continue their journey in the Sacred Geometry. ALSO READ: 5 WhatsApp games you should play with your colleagues

Monument Valley 2 comes with some key features including a standalone adventure, individually crafted puzzles, contemporary visuals, and beautiful audio. The puzzles in Monument Valley 2 as ustwo Games puts it are illusory, meditative and use new interactions to explore the changing dynamics between characters. The visual in the game, which its popularly known for, has been inspired by an ecletic mixture of architecture styles, artistic movements, and personal influences. ALSO READ: Remember legendary biking game Road Rash? It now has a spiritual successor called Road Redemption

  • Published Date: November 8, 2017 11:20 AM IST