Motorola foldable smartphone could possibly look like its iconic RAZR phone, hints new patent

Motorola's foldable smartphone features a hinge similar to that of flip-phones

  • Published: August 23, 2018 3:52 PM IST
Motorola foldable smartphone

Motorola RAZR was no doubt one of the most iconic flip phone to ever exist. It was adored for its sleek and stylish design. Now in an interesting turn of events, Motorola might just be planning to revive the phone with its new foldable smartphone concept.

A Motorola patent spotted by the Mobielkopen has surfaced online which not only confirms Motorola to be working on a new foldable smartphone, but also gives more insight on its design. The patent was recently posted by the US Trademark Patent Office and comes with a title of ‘Electronic device with hinge and corresponding systems and methods.’ The schematics it carries showcases the device to feature a foldable screen supported by a hinge mechanism at the back.

Interestingly though, the images look a lot like Motorola’s RAZR phone, but simply with a foldable screen wrapped around the casing. It also features similar looking bezels and edges around the screen. Besides that, the images also reveal the device to come with a single camera at the back accompanied by the what possibly looks like the fingerprint sensor below it. The setup is pretty similar to older Motorola smartphones.

The patent also sheds light on certain details about the hinge mechanism and the how the smartphone will fold. The schematics make it look exactly like a flip-phone. However, to prevent the screen from folding completely, the hinge in the middle features a curve exterior, which makes it look a little bulky in the middle. While this might not be the final design, the patent gives us an idea of Motorola’s approach to the era of foldable smartphones.

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That said, there is more reason to believe why Motorola’s foldable smartphone will be reminiscent of its RAZR handset. Earlier in the year, Techradar had reported Motorola’s CEO Yang Yuanqing to answer a question regarding the RAZR phone by saying, “With the new technology, especially folding screens, I think you will see more and more innovation in our smartphone design,”  further saying, “So hopefully what you just described [the Motorola RAZR brand] will be developed or released very soon.” The report clearly hints at Motorola’s plans to combine new technology with its most stylish phone.

  • Published Date: August 23, 2018 3:52 PM IST