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Mozilla Firefox for iOS now has tracking protection on by default

Tracking protection prevents sites from tracking your usage when you're surfing the web on the Firefox browser.

  • Published: April 13, 2018 10:08 AM IST

Mozilla Firefox browser on iOS has become a little more secure for users, after the activation of tracking protection by default. Initially, Mozilla Firefox on iOS did have tracking protection, but this was off by default and needed to be activated from within the app’s settings. As a result, a lot of the app’s users may not even have been aware of the feature, and may have left it off. However, with the latest update, this has been set on as a default, and switching it off now requires proactive action.

Importantly, this isn’t a new feature in the app, since tracking protection was offered even before the update. The only change here is to effectively encourage its use and activate for users that may not be aware or inclined to go into the browser settings and tweak them according to their preferences. Tracking protection prevents sites from tracking your usage and data, thereby protecting your privacy. This is particularly useful when using e-commerce and retail sites, which keep track of your usage to encourage purchases and target ads specifically.

The feature is also available on the PC web browser versions of Mozilla Firefox, as well as Firefox Focus. Introduced in November 2016, Firefox Focus is a privacy-oriented browser available for iOS and Android devices. It enables automatic privacy and tracker-blocking without having to enable any settings, as well as easy history erasing. It also promises to be faster and lighter on data by preventing unnecessary elements from loading on the page.

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In light of the recent Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal, privacy has become a hot topic among internet users in India and the world over. Mozilla has actively promoted its products as being user-friendly and user-oriented, and the latest move indicates that Mozilla continues to be focused on user privacy for its flagship Firefox browser.

  • Published Date: April 13, 2018 10:08 AM IST