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Mumbai woman duped of Rs 94,000 for credit card payback points

The victim allegedly provided details of five credit cards including OTPs.

  • Updated: October 6, 2017 5:00 PM IST

Despite constant warnings and advises, people still fall prey to fraudsters. While most incidents take place online, there are some that occur via phone calls as well. The most recent case happened in Mumbai where an employee of a multi-national company was duped of Rs 94,000 in lieu of redeeming payback points on her credit card.

Reported by HT, the victim is a 49 year-old woman who received a call regarding payback points on her credit card. The HR professional was at her workplace in Andheri when she received the call from the fraudster who posed as a bank official. The fraudster knew that she had her account in Nariman Point bank, and introduced himself as an official of the said bank. Seeing how the perpetrator got her bank details correct, she decided to follow the instructions provided.

The report states that the victim shared details of four credit cards to the fraudster. On asking for a fifth credit card, she shared her friend’s. With the credit card details, the woman even went to the extent of sharing the one time password (OTP), which is the most confidential and final step to initiate online payments. After this, she started receiving SMSs of transactions on her account which she was unaware of. Following this, an FIR was filed at the Powai police station under the Indian Penal Code and IT Act. The investigation is currently underway with the police trying to trace the phone call. ALSO READ: Amazon India duped of Rs 70 lakh by Bengaluru woman through duplicate electronic returns

Cases like these may seem surprising to many, but there are people who still remain oblivious to the fact that fraudsters can easily cheat them of their money. Back in August, a 72 year-old man was duped via Facebook over promises of starting a business partnership. This poor chap lost a huge sum of Rs 1.97 crore to what was revealed to be a big group of scammers. In reference to today’s incident, it is advised that no bank official would call and ask for sensitive details like passwords and OTPs. If any such calls are received, it’s best to inquire at your respective banks first and report too, if necessary. ALSO READ: Mumbai man duped of Rs 1.97 crore by online scammers on Facebook

  • Published Date: October 6, 2017 4:47 PM IST
  • Updated Date: October 6, 2017 5:00 PM IST