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MWC 2016: Oppo announces Super VOOC battery technology that can charge a smartphone battery in 15 minutes

Oppo has announced a fast charging technology as well as an image stabilization technology at MWC 2016. Both will feature on Oppo's smartphones in the near future.


At the ongoing MWC 2016, Oppo has announced a couple of new technologies. One of these is a fast charging technology that Oppo says can fully charge the battery in flat 15 minutes. The other is a Smart Sensor Image Stabilizer for cameras. Oppo says that both these technologies will be powering its smartphones in the near future.

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Oppo launched its VOOC flash charging technology back in 2013, and the company says that till date there are more than 17 million smartphones featuring this battery charging technology. Today, it has announced a better version of the technology, called ‘Super VOOC’.

The new battery charging technology can fully charge a smartphone with a 2,500mAh battery from zero percent to 100 in just 15 minutes. It can also charge the battery up to 45 percent in just five minutes, which is good enough to offer up to two hours of talktime.


Fast charging has become one of the more important features expected on smartphones these days. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge support is present on most smartphones powered by the company’s chipset.

One aspect that differentiates Oppo’s technology from others is the use of a new low-voltage pulse-charge system. It uses a voltage less than 5V and dynamically regulates the current. The charging speed is achieved by combining the flash charging system, a customized battery and a new Super VOOC Flash Charge adapter.


Along with the Super VOOC charging system, Oppo also announced the new Smart Sensor Image Stabilizer technology. This is a one of the kind of system, and Oppo says that it is better than the standard Optical Image stabilization.

This new system uses a trio of sensors (pitch axis, yaw axis and roll axis) placed in a comb-shaped formation to detect and thereby compensate for any motion. Oppo says that the detection and calculations are done in just 15 milliseconds, and also consumes up to less power at 10 milliwatts.

  • Published Date: February 23, 2016 6:04 PM IST