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New features on Google Datally app make mobile data usage more efficient

Datally app now lets you set a daily limit for data usage

  • Published: June 19, 2018 12:20 PM IST
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Google introduced the Datally app last year. The app was targeted towards users who operate on limited data plans, allowing them to keep a better track of their data consumption. According to Google, the app allows users to cut down on data usage by 30 percent on an average, and has been downloaded 10 million times from Google Play Store. Google has now updated the application, adding new features that will help cut down on data usage even more efficiently.

One of the most interesting additions is Daily data limits, which allows you to set a daily limit on your data, in order to prevent you from running out of your FUP before the month end. This feature will keep you in check on a daily basis, by cutting you off once you exceed the daily limit set by you.

Another addition to the feature list is the Guest mode. This essentially lets you set a data limit for people who might borrow your phone. It will mostly come handy for parents who let their children borrow their phones for playing games or watching videos. The features allows you to set a minimum data limit for guests and even lets you password protect it.

Google also states that for most people applications that run in the background are responsible for about 20 percent data consumption. These can also include apps that haven’t been opened for months. For that purpose, Datally app now comes with a new Unused app feature, which will block these apps from accessing data and even bring them to your attention so you can uninstall them if needed.

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Finally, there is also a Wi-Fi map included, which shows all the Wi-Fi networks around, so you find and connect to them, in order to stop using the data on your cellular network. All the new features have already started rolling out to users. To update the app, you can go to Google Play Store or the settings menu on the Datally app.

  • Published Date: June 19, 2018 12:20 PM IST