New Vivo Nex selfie camera bug extends camera when not prompted

Vivo Nex is throwing out its cam when it's not supposed to and this has thrown up some security red flags.

  • Published: July 2, 2018 9:31 AM IST
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With the race for bigger screens and smaller bezels, many companies tried to find new ways to achieve them. Some like Apple tried incorporating a notch, which was adapted by most, but companies such as Vivo and Oppo went a step ahead and concealed their cameras altogether, only for them to pop up when needed. Sure this made sure that the screen was almost bezel less, but it also meant incorporating mechanical parts.

And bugs affecting mechanical parts always elevate a simple situation into something more serious. And the new bug affecting the Vivo Nex is doing just that. According to a video posted on Weibo by Abacus News, the selfie camera pops up when the user prompts compose new message on Telegram. This happens when the camera hasn’t even been prompted by any action. Users have also complained of the same result while using the Ctrip app and Tencent’s QQ browser.

The video clearly shows that the camera pops up when the new message action is prompted on Telegram and is retracted when the app is closed. While in the cases of Ctrip app and Tencent’s QQ browser the camera only pops out partially and Tencent has put out a statement on the same saying that launching the QQ browser prompts the camera though it does not record anything.

This makes it a problem of the Tencent’s QQ browser’s Android API and not with the smartphone. Security for users of connected devices has become a primary concern, and this present problem throws up flags. Vivo has yet to comment on the present problem with its Nex smartphone lineup.

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  • Published Date: July 2, 2018 9:31 AM IST