Google Doodle marks New Year's Eve 2018 with a pair of elephants and celebration all around

Google Doodle celebrates New Year's Eve with festive theme and a pair of elephants.

  • Published: December 31, 2018 8:45 AM IST
Google Doodle New Year's Eve 2018 lead

Google is marking New Year’s Eve 2018 with a special doodle that is a digital celebration combining elements of a traditional celebration. In the doodle, Google users will see mammoth pile of balloons, a number of party hats and two friends (actually Elephants) celebrating the eve in their own fashion. The Doodle aims to replicate the way most people bring in New Year’s Eve around the world, which can also be described as gathering of friends and family. One of the coolest element of this Google Doodle, marking the New Year’s Eve 2018, is the clock at the top that replaces the second ‘O” in the Google brand name. The clock is set to 11:59PM and Google says, “At the stroke of midnight, it’s out with the old and in with the new” in the description for this doodle.

Google Doodle is now a tradition, where Google marks important calendar events and celebrates birthdays or anniversary of prominent personalities. In the past, Google Doodle has taken more exuberant approach to mark New Year’s Eve. For example, the New Year’s Eve 2017 was a theme than ran across for multiple days and used feathery friends as the prominent character. This year, the doodle is more subdued and uses Elephants as the main character. In the blog post detailing the doodle, Google says we will sing that song “Should old acquaintance be forgot” and quickly adds that Elephants never forget.

The New Year’s Eve 2018 Google Doodle is a standard one and it has a global reach and not restricted to any country. The reach map shows every continent mapped in blue shade, which is not the most common sight for doodles that appear on Google’s homepage. The doodle is not just restricted to New Year’s Eve 2018 but also marks the holidays. The New Year’s Eve is also known as Old Year’s Day and is celebrated on the last day of a calendar year.

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The celebration around the world involves people gathering in the evening, where they eat, dance, drink and watch or light fireworks. The celebration which starts in the old year goes on past midnight and into the new year. Australia and New Zealand are the first countries to welcome the New Year’s Eve while North America is the last to bring in the New Year. Do let us know how you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the comments section.

  • Published Date: December 31, 2018 8:45 AM IST