Next Microsoft HoloLens rumored to launch in Q1, 2019

The HoloLens v3 will be designed to be lighter, more comfortable to wear, and have significantly improved holographic displays.

  • Published: June 13, 2018 5:05 PM IST

Microsoft, for the longest time, was the only player in the augmented reality segment. That freedom allowed the company, two years ago, to skip the production and release of its second-generation HoloLens headset, in order to work and improve on the platform. However, now with new players like Apple and Google showing interest in the market, rumors have surfaced claiming that Microsoft will launch the next-gen HoloLens by Q1 of 2019.

The information was leaked by Brad Sams of, who claims to have seen Microsoft’s internal documents that indicate the tech giant will launch the AR headset early next year. He also claims that the device is be codenamed as Sydney.

The report further states that along with significant hardware upgrades, the next generation HoloLens will also be sporting a lighter build and will be more comfortable to wear. The headset will also have significantly improved holographic displays. However, the most interesting thing he stated is that the HoloLens v3 will not be priced as high as its predecessor, which came with a price tag of $3,000 (approximately Rs 200,000).

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It’s still not confirmed if the Q1 date is mentioned for a commercial release or a developer preview. Although Sams does state that releasing a developer kit first will the viable thing to do. However, nothing is confirmed yet. Based on his report, it looks like Microsoft is focused enough to be the industry leader. Although there still isn’t any competition in the market, tech giants like Apple, Google and Magic leap have started investing in the technology as well. Apple is expected to launch an AR headset by 2020.

  • Published Date: June 13, 2018 5:05 PM IST