Nokia 3310 3G clears FCC certification, rumored to arrive next month

Rumor suggests that the Nokia 3310 3G variant will come as early as next month.


The Nokia 3310 was resurrected from the dead by HMD Global back in May and the phone has managed to win users’ hearts yet again. The budget feature phone retained some of the most interesting features of the original Nokia 3310, but changed the look and the feel to make it fit with the current design trends. However, the one feature the phone still lacked and that disappointed many, was 3G compatibility. The smartphone came with only EDGE connectivity option. If a new FCC listing is anything to go by, Nokia seems to have solved that.

The new FCC listing has a new model number ‘TA-1036’ showing that the Nokia 3310 will support 3G functionality. The current device has model number TA-1030. The dimensions mentioned in the image shared in the FCC listing match those of the current Nokia 3310 – 116mm length and 51mm width. The certification mentions that the smartphone will support both 2G and 3G. HMD has already dropped hints that the next generation of Nokia 3310 smartphone would support the 3G feature. ALSO READ:  

The reports also hint at Nokia announcing the Nokia 3310 3G as early as August 2017. Nokia 8, the first Nokia flagship is expected to be announced on August 16 and the Nokia 3310 3G might be announced along with the flagship smartphone. HMD Global has already rolled out invites to an event scheduled to happen in London on the date. Nokia 8 has been one of the earliest Nokia smartphones to be rumored but is, unfortunately, the last one to be announced. ALSO READ: 

Coming back to the Nokia 3310 3G, here are the 2G/3G bands that the feature phone will support in the US: GSM850: 824.2 MHz ~ 848.8 MHz, GSM1900: 1850.2 MHz ~ 1909.8 MHz, WCDMA Band II: 1852.4 MHz ~ 1907.6 MHz and WCDMA Band V: 826.4 MHz ~ 846.6 MHz.

While Nokia 3310, the most iconic feature phone is still coming to terms with 3G, Reliance Jio has already announced the JioPhone, a feature phone with 4G connectivity in the country. While the 3G functionality will open up a lot of options for Nokia 3310, it is still slow when it comes to matching up to feature devices which are no more dumb but rather, “smart” feature phones.  Nokia 3310 was priced at Rs 3,310 in India and arrived pretty late. Hope the trend changes with the Nokia 3310 3G and the device is launched in India soon after the August announcement. ALSO READ: 

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  • Published Date: July 26, 2017 5:57 PM IST