OnePlus 6 Launch Highlights: Snapdragon 845 SoC, glass back, dual-rear cameras goes official

OnePlus 6 with glass back, dual cameras, Snapdragon 845 SoC goes official.

  • Updated: May 17, 2018 11:03 AM IST
oneplus 6 glass back

After all the leaks and rumors that we have come across over the past few months, OnePlus is all set to finally take the wraps off its flagship smartphone, OnePlus 6. Ahead of the launch, CEO Pete Lau has already teased the smartphone’s camera capabilities. The company has also teased other aspects of OnePlus 6, such as a full screen display, a notch on the top, and more.

OnePlus has also confirmed that the smartphone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core SoC, up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB storage. Besides these, OnePlus has also teased water resistance, and heart rate sensor. Now, it remains to be seen what all teased features actually make it to the final device. After the global launch, India launch is set to take place tomorrow in Mumbai. Follow our live updates below to know more about the OnePlus 6 as and when it is announced.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:15 pm

Thank you for joining us and stay tuned for the first impressions of the OnePlus 6 and a comparison between the OnePlus 6 and 5T.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:14 pm

That’s it for the global launch event of the OnePlus 6.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:14 pm

All the people who bought tickets to be at the London launch will get a free “Bullets Wireless” if they decide to purchase a OnePlus 6.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:13 pm

OnePlus 6 is priced starting from $529 which is approximately Rs. 35,831. It looks like the leaked prices were spot on. India pricing will be announced at the OnePlus 6 launch event in Mumbai tomorrow.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:11 pm

OnePlus 6 will be available starting May 22 and the limited edition Silk White will be available starting June 5.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:10 pm

Carl is now recapping all the details of the OnePlus 6.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:09 pm

OnePlus 6 will also come with a built-in video editor.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:09 pm

OnePlus has added slow motion feature to the camera in OnePlus 6. It allows users to shoot up to one minute of footage and then they can choose what portion of the clip needs to be slowed down.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:07 pm

OnePlus 6 will come with portrait mode and users no longer have to wait for the smartphone to process the image. It comes with new portrait mode effects and an upcoming software update will enable the portrait mode on the front camera.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:05 pm

The focus shifts to the camera of the OnePlus 6. The main sensor on the device has a 16-megapixel resolution. The company has increased the sensor size by 19 percent to increase the size of the pixels for improved low-light performance while maintaining the high resolution.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:03 pm

Carl is talking about the “Gaming Mode” in the OnePlus 6.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:03 pm

The software team is still testing on the OnePlus 3 to simulate usage of up to 7 to 8 years with the error rate of less than 0.15 percent.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 201810:02 pm

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:01 pm

Developers have made about 200 optimizations to Android to improve the experience. He is now detailing burst performance to decrease app loading times and reducing app overdraw reduction.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 201810:00 pm

OnePlus 6 buyers can install Android P Beta on their devices. Carl is now talking about OxygenOS, the near stock Android experience that OnePlus offers.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:59 pm

OnePlus 6 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, upto 8GB RAM, 256GB internal storage, and fast changing. It also comes with face unlock that unlocks the phone in about 0.4s.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:58 pm

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:57 pm

He is now talking about the speed claiming that some users are still using the OnePlus One because they have not slowed down.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:57 pm

Carl added that “Simplicity”, “Comfort”, and “Quality” were the three main points that guided OnePlus in designing the OnePlus 6.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:55 pm

Other variants include “Midnight Black” and the limited edition “Silk White”.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:54 pm

Carl is talking about the special edition ceramic device that it launched that it was fragile. He just launched the ‘Mirror Black’ adding that OnePlus 6 is just as resilient to drops as other OnePlus devices from the past.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:53 pm

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:51 pm

He is now talking about the design of the device, especially that glass back.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:50 pm

Carl is now demonstrating the gesture-based navigation system.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:49 pm

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:49 pm

“This is the fastest flagship experience that OnePlus has ever created”. It is good of Carl to not make claims about fastest on the planet.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:49 pm

Most of the details had already leaked out before the launch event for the OnePlus 6.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:48 pm

Carl is going through all the specifications of the devices. You guessed it, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, up to 8 GB RAM, OIS and OIS on the rear camera.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:47 pm

The second product for the event is, you guessed it right, the OnePlus 6.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:46 pm

“Bullets Wireless” will be priced at $69 which is approximately Rs 4,674. They will be available starting June 5, 2018.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:43 pm

OnePlus is now playing a blind test where musicians are testing the “Bullets Wireless” earphones with the competition.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:43 pm

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:42 pm

They come with support for AptX and OnePlus has worked on “Energy Tube” for decreased audio distortion. Carl also added that they are backward compatible with OnePlus 5 and other devices in the market.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:41 pm

You only need to charge the “Bullets Wireless” for about 10 minutes for up to 5 hours of listening. They automatically turn off when not in use.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:41 pm

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:40 pm

“Bullets Wireless” earphones are magnetic, sweat and rain resistant. They just snap together to turn off and you can pull them apart to answer a call.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:39 pm

They come with fast charging with the help of the included dash charger. Carl goes on to detail that they support Google Assistant.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:39 pm

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:37 pm

Carl is talking about wireless earphones. Here is the “Bullets Wireless”, the first wireless earphones by the company.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:37 pm

OnePlus is planning to launch two devices at the launch event. Carl is ready to launch to first product for the product.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:35 pm

Carl is emphasizing on “Word of Mouth” as the prime reason for the success of OnePlus.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:35 pm

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:35 pm

And the event begins.

Rehan Hooda May 16, 20189:34 pm

Carl Pei has taken the stage and he is talking about the strong sales for the OnePlus 5 and 5T.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:26 pm

All set?

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:21 pm

The launch event is less than 10 minutes away. Stay tuned.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:07 pm

And here’s a look at the Arena. Media and Fans are just walking in.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:06 pm

The countdown timer has started.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20189:05 pm

We’re at the event, and well, there are no devices kept at the demo zone, yet.

Ritesh Bendre May 16, 20188:54 pm

The launch event is less than an hour away, are you excited to buy the OnePlus 6?

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Android 8.1 Oreo with OxygenOS
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  • Updated Date: May 17, 2018 11:03 AM IST