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OnePlus 6: Here's a list of known bugs reported by users, and how to fix them

The OnePlus 6 has some known problems and here are some fixes to those problems.

  • Published: October 24, 2018 9:48 AM IST
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The OnePlus 6 is an excellent device that improves on its predecessors and is a good competition to the rest of the smartphones in its segment out there. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It has its own set of flaws reported by users over the past few months. Here’s a list of them, and how you could fix them.

The smartphone forums have seen its fair share of complaints regarding the OnePlus 6 and we have compiled a list of some of the most pertinent and common ones for the benefit of our readers. We compiled the lists from the OnePlus and XDA Developers forums for a comprehensive idea.

Heating problems and poor battery life

Though most people seemed satisfied with the battery life of their OnePlus 6 with its 3,300mAh battery, some users faced problems like overheating of the device and draining of the battery quicker than usual. This is a serious problem for those facing it since 3,300mAh is one of the higher capacities available and should not drain too quickly. To fix this, look for a specific app that could be causing the drain in Settings > Battery.

A major cause of battery drain is the display, and turning down the brightness in Settings > Display may help counter the problem. You could also reduce the display sleep time. To do so, go to Settings > Display > Sleep.

When you are in a region with weak signal strength, turn off data.

Always ensure you have the latest update so it has access to the fixes by OnePlus. To check this, go to Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates.

Sometimes, clearing cache files do the trick. Simply power off and then power it back on by pressing the power and volume down key, select your preferred language and go to Wipe data and cache > Wipe cache > Yes > Reboot.

If everything else fails, a factory reset may help too, but don’t forget to back up your data on the device before doing so. To factory reset the phone, Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything. You can try setting up the phone from scratch without using the backup to see if the battery issues are solved.

Screen brightness problem and flickering

Some OnePlus 6 users have complained about screen brightness in bright light conditions, where the auto brightness would make the device screen flicker and sometimes with would just be darker. This was one of the earlier problems faced by the OnePlus 6 device and has now been fixed in the August Security Update from OnePlus. If users are still facing this problem then it is possible that their devices have not been updated which can be done from Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates.

Calls going silent when switching to speakerphone

This is again one of the earlier bugs with the OnePlus 6 device which plagued a lot of users. The bug would just turn off the audio on calls if the user switched on the speakerphone during a call. The audio would not return even if the speakerphone was turned off.

This problem has also been fixed by the OnePlus update and those still facing the problem need to check for the latest update on Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates.

Notification problems

OnePlus 6 has another problems which concerns notifications which either arrive late or don’t arrive at all. This problem has been faced by older OnePlus phones as well. Here are some solutions to the problem.

Battery optimisation is known to be one of the problems in this case and checking if certain apps are being optimised for better battery optimisation from Settings > Battery > Battery optimization may solve the issue.

Checking to make sure that the alert slider is in the mode you want it to be on from Settings > Alert slider.

Sometimes gaming mode can be the culprit which can be checked from Settings > Advanced > Gaming mode and turning off Block Notifications.

Checking the Notification Settings from Settings > Apps might also be of help.

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Random Wi-Fi disconnection

This is a problem faced by many smartphones and though there is no one fix here are some that might help with the OnePlus 6.

– Rebooting the smartphone and the WiFi router that is posing the problem is always a good place to start the problem fixing.

– Another fix is to check whether the Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always on in Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi.

– You can always set up your WiFi afresh from Settings > Backup and reset > Reset network settings > Reset settings to try and fix things.

– Making sure that the device is updated is also one of the ways to make sure things run perfectly, and this can be done from Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates.

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