OnePlus 6 teaser hints at a heart-rate sensor; but here's why it seems unlikely

The teaser, released by OnePlus on its Weibo page, shows a cardio graphic with a '6'.

  • Published: May 7, 2018 4:53 PM IST
oneplus 6 heart rate teaser weibo

A new teaser released by OnePlus on its Weibo page over the weekend has raised speculation that the upcoming OnePlus 6 could sport a heart-rate sensor. The teaser poster shows a cardiogram graphic that indicates a pulse rate, with the number ‘6’ in between, along with the OnePlus logo. The full poster also includes text that can be roughly translated to mean that the phone could come with a heart-rate sensor.

However, this seems entirely unlikely, since heart-rate sensors on smartphones require additional (and expensive) hardware that needs to be placed on the device itself. While affordable fitness trackers such as the Honor Band 3 sport optical heart-rate sensors at under Rs 3,000, the implementation on a smartphone is considerably harder due to the need to maintain the slimness and aesthetics of the device. For the time being, heart-rate sensors aren’t present on too many smartphones, and only Samsung has actively implemented it on its devices.

Instead, and we’re just speculating here, the poster could be more indicative of the excitement building up as we get closer to the May 16 launch date of the OnePlus 6. The text (which we’ve poorly translated using Google Translate) vaguely talks about heart rate, but doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone will sport a heart-rate sensor. OnePlus has typically been slow to offer innovative and non-mainstream features on its smartphones, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In order to keep prices lower than the competition (which OnePlus has done so far), it’s kept away from features until they are truly mainstream.

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As such, the OnePlus 6 is set to be the first OnePlus smartphone to sport some form of rated water and dust resistance, much after the feature was introduced on high-end smartphones. Today, flagship devices from most of the competition are already rated for ingress protection. OnePlus also introduced the dual-camera setup and the 18:9 aspect ratio screen on its devices many months after the competition, and its strategy has typically been to introduce key features first and unique, non-mainstream features later when the costs of those components come down.

For that reason, it seems unlikely that OnePlus would offer a heart-rate sensor on the OnePlus 6 so soon, considering that the feature is barely a mainstream offering, and not something that would draw criticism over its absence. However, OnePlus could still surprise us, if the OnePlus 6 comes with a full-fledged heart rate sensor on board.

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  • Published Date: May 7, 2018 4:53 PM IST