OnePlus confirms its TV; may enter automobile industry, no plans for foldable smartphone

Talking about the OnePlus TV, Pete Lau termed it as a “smart display” while stating that he believes that the remote controls are outdated.

  • Published: April 15, 2019 9:37 AM IST
OnePlus Pete Lau

Image credit: Pete Lau Twitter, OnePlus

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has just revealed some key information about the direction that the China-based smartphone maker. According to Lau, OnePlus is currently not working on any foldable smartphone. In fact, the company has no plans to launch a foldable smartphone in the near future. Instead, as previously hinted and speculated, the company seems to be working on its TV. With the TV, the company is likely to enter the consumer electronics segment while moving beyond the core business of smartphones. In addition to this, recent reports have indicated that the company may launch three smartphones in the coming months.

Lau revealed all this information while speaking to students at the European Institute of Design which was initially reported by Italian publication Repubblica and then later picked up by GSMArena. He stated that foldable smartphones “are not ready for prime time”. This means that OnePlus is likely to wait until the technology driving these devices, both in terms of hardware and the software has matured a bit so that the product is more user-friendly. In addition to this, he also mentioned the cost factor that is associated with foldable smartphones. Lau stated that this new form factor does not bring “anything fundamentally different” from other smartphones currently available in the market.

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Talking about the OnePlus TV, Lau termed it as a “smart display” while stating that he believes that the remote controls are outdated. He went on to add that the artificial intelligence in the software is more than capable of learning the habits of the user and then serve any relevant information or recommendations accordingly. He also stated that OnePlus also “wants to go into the automotive” industry.

However, Lau revealed that making an entire care “is too complex” and instead, the company may want to work on developing or improving a virtual assistant to tailor it according to the needs of a driver. As noted by the report, Lau indicated that the virtual assistant for automotive is likely to be powered by 5G. In addition to this, OnePlus may develop other 5G-related, cloud-connected things for the office environment in the future.

  • Published Date: April 15, 2019 9:37 AM IST