OnePlus is working on an OxygenOS redesign; confirms OnePlus 6 will get new UI

Users were receptive to the new design and liked it with about 80 percent preferring the new design.

  • Published: August 28, 2018 2:39 PM IST
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OnePlus is testing a redesigned OxygenOS in the latest Open Beta version for its OnePlus 5 and 5T. The company shared details of the redesign in a dedicated post on its forums. OxygenOS Operations head Gary C shared the rationale behind the redesign. Gary stated that the design team “shelved” old designs and began from scratch. In its journey to make something from the ground up pushed the company to redefine its user groups. The company conducted a number of surveys, and interviews to find what users really wanted.

As pointed out in the original post, the company went for a flat an minimal design to reduce the visual bloat. Designers opted for an interface that would look natural than visually cool. The third factor that shaped this design was “Bold and Clean” where the company focused on words and the scale of the text in the interface. OnePlus clarified that it did a number of tests to arrive at the current version of the design to ensure that they get the things right. The post pointed out that the designers have been able to create this new version of its visual style that includes new icons along with a special font.

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Gary also shared some insights about the design process revealing the problems that the company faced while making the design. The internal OnePlus team “flagged” a number of elements in the new design to question the significance of those elements with the overall theme that the company was going for. With this feedback, the company improved the design with multiple versions while launching “a second round of surveys” after making a demo of the design.

Image credit: OnePlus

Users were receptive to the new design and liked it with about 80 percent preferring the new design. The company pointed out that it will still continue to make changes in the design to make sure that it satisfies all the needs of OnePlus users.

Image credit: OnePlus

Image credit: OnePlus

In addition to the details about this new design, as initially spotted by PiunikaWeb, Gary also confirmed that OnePlus will launch this new design on the OnePlus 6. Though, he did not reveal any timeline for the launch of this design on the latest flagship smartphone by the company.

  • Published Date: August 28, 2018 2:39 PM IST