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Path Guide: Microsoft’s new app focuses on making indoor navigation better

Microsoft comes up with a peer-to-peer based indoor navigation app.


Even as Google Maps has become the most preferred app for navigation, there are very few apps that do a good job at indoor navigation. It becomes more challenging for these apps as GPS signals are relatively weaker indoors and at certain locations. Microsoft is now looking to address this issue with its new indoor navigation app, called the Path Guide. The app is currently available for Android users. 

Microsoft in a blog post explains that the Path Guide app is a research-based application, which is supposed to offer low-cost and “plug-and-play” indoor navigation services. The app works on inputs made by a “leader” or user who has been to the location before. Based on the readings, the app enables others users to find the correct path to their destination. Basically, the app learns from users and the smart devices or wearables they use to count steps and record general start and end points. The peer-to-peer based app can also be understood as the simple concept of ‘Follow the Leader’.

Do note that the app is currently in its initial phases and is expected to grow better and more intelligent with time. Microsoft’s Path Guide app can be a big help for blind or other differently abled users as well. The ‘plug-and-play’ accessibility of the Path Guide allows two independent users in same premises navigate each other from scratch. ALSO READ: Microsoft ends support for Windows Phone 8.1 phones, what next?

After arriving at the desired location, the “leader” can “finish recording” the path and it will upload the data trace to Path Guide’s cloud for others to access in the future. The Path Guide app also comes with support for annotations. So users can add text, audio, and photos along the path while simultaneously record it allowing more information and interactive experience.

  • Published Date: July 18, 2017 11:47 AM IST