Paytm Inbox: How to transfer money via the new messaging tool

A guide to start transfering or requesting money through Paytm Inbox.


Bringing more accessibility through its payments service, Paytm introduced a new tool called Inbox. The new tool essentially adds more context to money transfers by allowing users to interact with each other through messaging, all within the app.

Paytm, with its 200-million-strong userbase, currently holds around 57 percent of market share (as of August, 2017), emerging as the top digital payments service in the country. Post demonetization, Paytm has flourished to not only attain a good position in the online segment, but recently recorded 65 percent offline transactions during festive season.

However, as Paytm now looks at a future where services from non-payment domains are trying to take a piece of the cake, the threat is palpable. At the moment, Hike is the only messaging service which introduced payments option earlier this year. Following the footsteps, WhatsApp and more-recently, its parent Facebook, have expressed strong desire to introduce payments through their portals. To tackle upcoming competition, Paytm’s Inbox steps in. Here’s how you can quickly get started with the tool to only chat or chat and send money.

How to use Paytm Inbox

The first and foremost thing to do is ensure you are running the latest version of the app on your Android smartphone. It is not known as to when it will be rolled out to other platforms. ALSO READ: PayPal to launch merchant payments service in India this week: Report

Once you update, you will see the ‘Inbox’ option available in the lower panel of the home screen. Tap on the floating icon for new message on the bottom right. It is here that you will see all the contacts in your phone book who use Paytm. ALSO READ: Paytm Inbox is the company’s step towards becoming the one-stop destination for customers

It is to be noted that only those contacts will be visible who are on Android device as the feature is live only for them. In case you do not see any contacts, try hitting the refresh icon first. If it still does not show the contacts then go to your phone’s Settings -> App Permissions -> Contacts and enable the option for Paytm.


Once you get the requirements in place, you will see all the contacts from your phone book who use Paytm and are Android users. You can now tap on any of the contacts and start chatting or exchanging money. The panel just over the keyboard has all the options, including camera, gallery, request/send money, and location. So you can also share photos with your friends and tell them you just ate a pizza and ran out of money. If you like splitting food bills with friends, you can also create a group on Inbox, and share the expenses by requesting or sending money. You can simply tap on the request/send money option, enter the amount and start exchanging. With the Inbox tool, there’s a ‘View Passbook’ option available that shows transaction history. ALSO READ: Paytm rolls out in-app messaging feature ‘Inbox’ to take on WhatsApp

Similar to WhatsApp, Inbox also lets you recall a message. However, in our tests, the option was not available, even as we tried to delete a particular message from two different handsets. It is to be noted that a request for money cannot be recalled. We also noticed that although there is an option to decline a request, the option was not accessible. Now, it could be an isolated case as the feature has been only recently introduced and might be in need of a few tucks here and there.

  • Published Date: November 6, 2017 2:50 PM IST