Piracy still rules despite growing popularity of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar streaming services

What about you, are you still watching pirated content?


Probably since the day man learnt about free online downloads, and the internet became more accessible, the piracy has become a huge problem for industries across the world. Needless to stress that these illegal downloads are not only unethical but cause hefty monetary losses to the industries producing online software and entertainment. However, with the rise of streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video, more and more people are paying for content. But the menace of piracy is unlikely to go away anytime sooner. A new survey conducted by digital security firm Irdeto, which was reported by TechinAsia, reveals more than half of the people surveyed across the world still watch pirated movies and TV shows. For the survey, about 25,000 adults across 30 countries were interviewed regarding video watching trends, and the results are bit surprising.

The survey suggests that 52 percent of the total people interviewed, claim that they still watch pirated videos. Although, some good was seen in the people when 48 people said that they would stop or reduce watching the illegal content, after these people were told about the damaging effects of piracy on the media industry.

Fortunately, regardless of their use, 70 percent of the interviewed crowd recognized that producing or sharing pirated video is illegal, although far fewer people were actually aware that streaming or downloading is also against the law, which was about a big 59 percent of the total.

Region-wise, about 87 percent of respondents in Russia did not think that producing or sharing pirated video content is illegal, and 66 percent of them believed that it is not illegal to download or stream pirated stuff. Further 61 percent people in the Asia-Pacific region and 70 percent of the Latin American crowd that was interviewed had the most people admitting to watching pirated films and shows. It’s surprising that despite the rise of other services, piracy just refuses to diminish and continue to hurt the industries. ALSO READ: India loves binge watching the most, and Netflix is taking note

According to a 2016 report, the Indian media and entertainment industry saw a total revenue loss close to $2.5 billion. Even today, we see a lot of content being circulated on the internet through illegitimate ways, from television shows being immediately available on YouTube to big banner movies being leaked online before their official release.

Ironically, in such a situation, players such as Netflix and Amazon are not only aiming to inculcate the habit of choosing paid, quality content over free, illegally obtained copies, but are also gradually turning Indian users into the biggest content consumers in the world. Netflix launched in India in 2016 and today claims to have more than 93 million members in households around the world and in India — one of the key markets for the service — it has found the biggest user base of binge watchers. ALSO READ: Netflix partners Airtel, Videocon d2h, Vodafone to offer original content via DTH and mobile platforms

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  • Published Date: March 8, 2017 6:19 PM IST