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PlayStation 5 might have backward compatibility with PS4 games

Sony have filed a patent, which says that they are testing backward compatibility.

  • Published: March 8, 2018 4:53 PM IST

PlayStation users have been waiting for while now for backward compatibility, and it seems like Sony might have finally heard their pleas. According to a patent uncovered recently, Sony apparently has plans to include backward compatibility with its upcoming PlayStation 5.

In other words, PS5 will likely be able to play PS4 games, Tweaktown reports. Though Microsoft has already introduced backward compatibility on Xbox One, Sony is yet to embrace the idea. That said, even if Sony is testing out the feature there is no assurance that it will be included. Companies file patents a lot of the time to make sure that their ideas are not implemented by rival companies.

As far as backward compatibility is concerned, Microsoft has already tasted success and its numbers took an upward turn after the integration of the feature. Microsoft’s Xbox One sales in the US saw a jump, and has been higher than Sony PlayStation 4. But internationally the PlayStation 4 still is the highest selling console.

Backward compatibility makes a lot of sense for a company like Sony because the PlayStation has a much bigger game library than Xbox, and waiting for you favorite game to get remastered makes little sense. Backward compatibility would make things easier for the developers as well.

PS5 has an estimated release date of somewhere in 2020, which gives PS4 time to build up an even more impressive game library to use on the PlayStation 5. Microsoft has leveled the playing field with its Xbox One console ,and both the companies now offer similar gaming experience. And it would be a mistake for Sony to not capitalize all that the PS4 is offering.

This will strike a happy note with the gamers who would immediately be able to play their favorite PS4 titles on the PS5. Besides, Sony executives have admitted that users frequently request backward compatibility.

  • Published Date: March 8, 2018 4:53 PM IST