PlayStation emerges as the biggest money churner for Sony in Q1 2018

Sony's PlayStation division brought a lot of cash in for the company while the smartphone division lost some.

  • Published: August 1, 2018 12:38 PM IST

Sony just had a change of CEO just a few months back, when Kaz Hirai left and Kenichiro Yoshida took over. But from the financial results of Q1 of the company, it seems that Yoshida has taken to his job like a duck to water, for the most part. His three-year plans may have just begun, but things already seem to be on track.

The biggest highlight of the financial results of the company for the first quarter of the year seems to be the usual suspect, which is the PlayStation division. Of the $17.9 billion revenue recorded by Sony for the three months ending in June, $1.8 billion was recorded as profit.

Even though PlayStation head John Kodera said a few months back that he thinks that the PlayStation 4 has run its course for making profit, the company sold 3.2 million devices from April to June this year, which is only 100,000 less than it sold last year during the same period. During this quarter Sony sold 40 million games, and the company even managed to hold a steady PlayStation Plus subscribers numbers at 33.9 million, compared to 34.2 million at the end of March. The PlayStation division brought Sony a total profit of around $750 million, that is twice as much as any other department did.

Other divisions like the music division brought Sony roughly $288 million in profit along with the home entertainment and sound division that made a healthy growth of $156 million. The camera segment of the company also flushed in cash and made $234 million in profit. $261 million worth of profit was made by the camera modules and smartphone image sensors segment that comes under the semiconductor banner.

But one of the biggest disappointments for the company this time again was the smartphone division that suffered a loss of $97 million this quarter after the $247 million loss from the last fiscal year. Sony Pictures joined smartphone division on the negative side and lost the company $68 million.

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With games like Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Battlefield V and Red Dead Redemption 2 coming this year and Ghost of Tsushima and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding later, Sony is still expected to make some solid profit from the PS4 division.

  • Published Date: August 1, 2018 12:38 PM IST