Pluto Flyby memes hit Twitter after New Horizon sends first clear photos

Our 3-billion-mile journey to Pluto reaches historic #PlutoFly! Details & the high-res image:


Barely hours after we witnessed yet another historic moment for mankind, which finally revealed clear pictures of what Pluto looks like. After almost a decade-long journey and crossing the eight planets of solar system, New Horizons spacecraft made its closest approach to Pluto today, making it the first-ever space mission to explore a world so far from Earth.

Just as the photos of what the tiniest planet looks like hit the social media, hashtags like #PlutoFlyby started trending.  People took to twitter expressing their view and making hilarious memes out of the same. Here we bring to you top memes from the lot:









  • Published Date: July 14, 2015 8:27 PM IST