comscore PM Narendra Modi has more followers on Instagram

PM Narendra Modi has more followers on Instagram than US President Donald Trump

Guess the number of followers that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has on Instagram?

  • Published: October 14, 2019 4:35 PM IST

Guess who is the most popular leader on Instagram? Yes, it is Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. While he remains popular on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Modi is also able to connect to people on Instagram. He now has 30 million followers of the photo-sharing site. He is now the most followed world leader on the platform. His popularity on social media has been reaching new heights. Just a month back, the tech-savvy leader achieved 50 million followers on Twitter.

On Instagram, US President Donald Trump, another popular world leader, has 14.9 million followers. His predecessor, Barack Obama, has 24.8 million followers. “PM @NarendraModi crosses 30 million followers on Instagram*. He is the *most followed* world leader on Instagram ahead of US President Trump as well as former US President Obama. This is yet another testament to his popularity and connect with the youth,” JP Nadda, Working President of BJP, said in a tweet.

Politicians around the world are now using social media as the means to reach their people and constituents. PM Narendra Modi has, in fact, mastered the art of communicating his messages to millions of followers. He has 50.7 million followers on Twitter and is among the most popular world leaders on the micro-blogging platform. He is behind US President Donald Trump, who has 65.7 million followers. However, both the leaders are far behind former US President Barack Obama, who has over 109 million followers on Twitter.

An annual survey by Gallup International put the Prime Minister at number three among the global leaders on social media. An international survey conducted last year also ranked PM Modi as among the top three leaders of the world. Modi remains very active on social media with constants posts and updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. His followers love engaging with his posts, often debating or deciphering his messages.

  • Published Date: October 14, 2019 4:35 PM IST