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PUBG 2018 roadmap revealed

New maps, emotes, weapons and vehicles coming to PUBG in 2018.

  • Published: March 9, 2018 4:30 PM IST

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole has a bunch of updates in line for the year 2018, and the game is about to get more interesting than ever. Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene teased the ideas earlier this week, and now we have the official announcement.

Among the things that we can expect this year on PUBG, the most important are the introduction of two different maps. Apart from these there are some upcoming character customization, emotes, new weapons and vehicles, and an updated ballistics meta.

PUBG Corp will be introducing these changes on a new test server, and ask users for their feedback before introducing it on the main client. According to the developer, the mentioned content will be added in phases, with big updates every two months.

The official Twitter handle of the game teased content in a series of tweet and replies. The first tweet reveals a 4×4 kilometer square island map, which is supposed to promote a blitz style gameplay with more action and quicker games.

The new 4×4 map has three islands in an enclosed cluster with a lot of hills, greenery, step farmlands and beaches. Bluehole claims that player feedback during the test period would directly impact the map development.

The next one shows the new emote system in the game, and will presently have just 12 emotes. This list will grow as the year progresses. Following this, the next tweet talks about the plan to add three new vehicles in the first half of the year, and new weapon types and attachments in the later half of this year.

The image used in the tweet only shows the middle stock of a gun, which will be using 7.62 bore ammo. People are guessing this could a hint at the FAL PARA assault rifle. The rest is pretty much the same about balancing out the servers and restricting cheaters. Following this announcement, today’s update has hit the test servers, and with it PUBG Friends list has been added along with the emote system and main menu voice chat.

There is a whole list of changes that has been added to the test server today (full update log here:, which will hit the main server next week once the bugs and glitches are sorted out with player feedback.

  • Published Date: March 9, 2018 4:30 PM IST