Public preview of Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core Services announced

Subscription for Windows 10 IoT Core Services is available for $0.15 per device per month

  • Published: July 20, 2018 12:12 PM IST

Microsoft introduced its Windows 10 IoT Core Services to the industry at the Computex 2018. The platform enables enterprises to commercialize their IoT solutions by providing a business model that has an ongoing long-term value. Now, the company has released a public preview of the operating system for Internet of Things devices along with the pricing for its services.

Microsoft hopes for manufactures to enable their IoT devices with Windows services. In order to do that, the company plans to support its IoT platform with security and performance updates for a minimum of ten years. This also includes new release of the OS every two to three years. Not just that, manufacturers will also get access to Microsoft’s Device Update Center, which can be used to create, control, and distribute device updates for the OS, custom apps, drivers, and other files.

Additionally, Windows 10 IoT Core Services also includes access to Device Health Attestation. The cloud-based service improves on security by integrating with the device management system and further takes actions if a problem is detected. This service however will only be available for the fee-paying subscribers.

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While the public preview of the Windows IoT Core operating system is free, Enterprises can purchase the IoT Core Services subscription for $0.15 (approximately Rs 10) per device per month during the preview period. Microsoft plans on increasing the prices to $0.30 (approximately Rs 20) per device per month after the end of the preview period. Manufacturers will have the option to license the service with a device by pre-paying for the service, later in the year.

  • Published Date: July 20, 2018 12:12 PM IST