Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games 2018: Google Doodle celebrates ice hockey

Google Doodle is celebrating ice hockey with a unique message of teamwork in its doodle today

  • Published: February 17, 2018 10:46 AM IST
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Google is celebrating the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games 2018 with a new and unique doodle everyday. Today’s doodle gives a glimpse into what the day of action in snow looks like for the athletes participating in the game through a fictional character named Magpie.

The doodle starts with a look into the ice hockey match up, and the characters depicting the game makes it a lot more interesting. The doodle shows the game is between cranes and the avian foes are on thin ice as they meet in the middle for the faceoff.

The game is kickstarted with a whistle from the referee and the cranes immediately start flying one side of the rink to another with only goal to put the puck behind the net. Since the game is being held on ice, there is an unexpected visitor in the form of a fish.

The doodle shows that the puck has dropped through the ice and the clock is frozen while the flying birds try to figure out their next move. Suddenly, a fish pops out of those icy water to return the puck. As Google describes it in its blog, “An unexpected turn of events” for sure.

Google also adds a bit of message here by showing how the game has reached new depths of cross-species cooperation. The blog ends with these lines, “Who needs competition when you’ve got teamwork?”

The doodle is particularly interesting considering the political nature of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic games. For the first time, the North and South Koreans are playing under a unified flag while South Korea hosted a family member of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un for the first time. The game also saw some Russian athletes being forced to play as a group after their Olympic federation was dismissed for doping.

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympic games has been so prominent that it has also been hit with major cyber threat, which the Olympic Association was able to tackle with ease. Google will be posting a doodle everyday for the next few weeks, and it will depict the action in the form of “Doodle Snow Games”.

  • Published Date: February 17, 2018 10:46 AM IST