PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018: Google Doodle celebrates Day 13 with a speed skating millipede

Millipede is apparently a speed skating legend! Well, those legs must be a boon.

  • Published: February 21, 2018 8:39 AM IST

Today on the Doodle Snow Games, we have the speed skating legend, Millipede. Apparently he is the fastest arthropod in any number of segments.

In an interview with Google, Millipede said, “Sure, it takes hours, but I put on my skates like anyone else: curled up on the ground to reach ‘em all. Although I do have 998 more reasons to trip, so I quadruple-knot the laces.” This year Millipede will be competing against his cousin and arch-rival Centi.

The Doodle Snow Games were started by Google to celebrate the two weeks of PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018. The games started on February 9, and are scheduled to go on till February 25. Google plans to showcase 17 doodles in total as part of Google Snow Games, which means four more to go.

As per PyeongChang 2018, today’s events include Men’s 500m, Men’s 1,000m, Men’s 1,500m, Men’s 5,000m, Men’s 10,000m, Men’s Mass Start, Men’s Team Pursuit, Ladies’ 500m, Ladies’ 1,000m, Ladies’ 1,500m, Ladies’ 3,000m, Ladies’ 5,000m, Ladies’ Mass, Start Ladies’ Team Pursuit.

For the ones unaware, speed skating is a competitive form of ice skating in which the competitors race each other in travelling a certain distance on skates.

  • Published Date: February 21, 2018 8:39 AM IST