Qualcomm's upcoming flagship mobile chipset might not be called Snapdragon 8150: Report

It is likely that the chipset will debut at the event on December 4.

  • Published: November 29, 2018 10:26 AM IST

Qualcomm is set to launch its next flagship mobile chipset – internal mode name Snapdragon 8150 – next week. The company is hosting its yearly Technology Summit in Hawaii, and it is most likely that the chipset will debut at the event on December 4.

Rumors around the naming convention of upcoming Qulacomm chipset have been uncertain. Some reports initially claimed that Qualcomm will announce it as Snapdragon 855, but then some reports earlier in November suggested that company might just go with the model code Snapdragon 8150 as marketing name.

Now according to a PCMag report, Qualcomm isn’t going to name its new chipset as Snapdragon 8150, and it is very much possible that it might not name it as Snapdragon 855 as well. There is no official or internal source behind the report, but it appears more like a logical assumption.

Qualcomm is said to jump forward into an entire new naming sequence for 5G, but there is no confirmation as yet. The report also denies rumors around the three clusters of cores, or two main clusters and one overpowered core.

Some rumors had tipped that the Snapdragon 8150’s architecture might be similar to Kirin 980. The upcoming mobile SoC is said to be on 7 nanometer process and TSMC will be manufacturing it. Also, it is said to boast of a separate neural processor for the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

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Anyway, we also expect that Qualcomm won’t be keeping the internal codename Snapdragon 8150 as the final market name, but whether Qualcomm will announce it as a new 5G lineup or not, that we will only know next week. Also, the full details for Qualcomm’s new chipset will be announced at the company’s three-day annual event. Qualcomm’s Technology Summit is scheduled for December 4 to December 6.

  • Published Date: November 29, 2018 10:26 AM IST