Reliance JioPhone: How to connect the phone to any TV to stream content

At IMC 2017, Reliance demonstrated JioPhone TV connectivity.


When we did the live unboxing of Reliance’s JioPhone, one of the questions we got was regarding how exactly the HDMI TV cable works to stream content on any kind of set. At the ongoing India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2017, we got a chance to see the live demonstration of the functionality, and here’s our quick guide on how to enable and use the TV cable.

To start with, the JioPhone does not come with the TV cable in the box. You will be required to pay an additional amount to get the connectors and cables. Now, there are two type of connectors which are compatible with the phone. If you have an LED TV, there’s a connector for the HDMI port, while CRT TV users get a connector for the RCA port. Connecting the cable is fairly simple. You simply plug in the HDMI/RCA cable, and the other to the JioPhone.

Now as your setup is ready, you need to go to the JioTV app on the JioPhone. The app live streams supported channels. There are over 100 channels in the JioTV app. However, access to JioTV will cost you Rs 309 per month, and the plan also includes voice calls and data services. One must understand that the channels are streamed from the phone to the TV, and using the mobile data. If you plan to extensively use this functionality, it is recommended you choose a tariff plan accordingly.

Given that channels are streamed from the phone to the television set, the navigation is also through the phone. Basically, instead of a dedicated remote, you need to use the phone’s navigation buttons to switch between channels. Interestingly, even as you stream TV channels from the phone, you can continue using the phone for other apps. ALSO READ: Reliance JioPhone hands-on and first impressions: A ‘smart’ feature phone

One of the caveats I see here is that the cable is significantly long but not long enough to allow you to sit at a comfortable distance from the television, and continue navigating through channels or use other apps while the TV is playing. Having said that, the USP of the whole system remains the ability to use phone as a media streaming unit.

If you look at it, the phone mimics the concept of other online streaming dongles such as the Amazon Fire TV stick, except that the access to content is different and limited. With JioPhone, you get access to select television channels, with other media streaming devices, the access is vast. ALSO READ: Reliance JioPhone deliveries begin; here’s how to track your order

The concept behind providing the ability to watch television or online content through the phone is basically to initiate the penetration of affordable internet access to the masses. With the mandatory switch to DTH services, there has been an increase in monthly television subscription bills. Although the change is not palpable in urban regions and cities, it is felt more in smaller towns. By providing such an access, the purpose is to offer an ecosystem of internet, calling, and television experience, bundled at an affordable price.

  • Published Date: September 28, 2017 10:56 AM IST