Researchers develop cheap eco-friendly battery that can combat problems of lithium ion batteries

Researchers from China's Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a environmentally friendly low-cost battery lithium ion batteries.

  • Updated: March 27, 2016 1:47 PM IST

Chinese researchers from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a novel, environmentally friendly low-cost battery that overcomes many of the problems of lithium ion batteries (LIB). The new aluminum-graphite dual-ion battery (AGDIB) offers significantly reduced weight, volume, and fabrication cost, as well as higher energy density, in comparison with conventional LIBs. AGDIB’s electrode materials are composed of environmentally friendly low cost aluminum and graphite only, while its electrolyte is composed of conventional lithium salt and carbonate solvent.

The discovery has given rising battery demand and existing LIB technology, which is reaching its limit in specific energy (by weight) and energy density (by volume). Tang Yongbing, leader of the research team said compared with conventional LIBs, this battery (AGDIB) shows an obvious advantage in production cost ( 50% lower), specific density (1.3-2.0 times), and energy density (1.6-2.8 times). LIBs are widely used in portable electronic devices, electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. Battery disposal creates major environmental problems, since most batteries contain toxic metals in their electrodes.

The research found that this AGDIB shows real potential for large-scale application in both electronic devices and electric vehicles. This technology may represent a revolutionary step for China’s energy industry. The successful commercialization of this new type battery has great potential to significantly enhance the performance of portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems, etc.

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The study is Published in the journal of Advanced Energy Materials.

  • Published Date: March 27, 2016 1:45 PM IST
  • Updated Date: March 27, 2016 1:47 PM IST