Sake Dean Mahomed, an Anglo-Indian entrepreneur author, celebrated in the latest Google Doodle

In 1822, King George IV appointed Mahomed as his personal ‘shampooing surgeon’ which propelled his business.

  • Published: January 15, 2019 8:54 AM IST
Google Doodle celebrating-sake-dean-mahomed

Image credit: Google

Google is celebrating the life of Anglo-Indian author Sake Dean Mahomed with the help of a doodle. According to an in-depth page on the details about the life of Mahomed, he was an entrepreneur and author who rose to fame by cultivating cultural connections between India and England. He became the first Indian to publish a book in the English language on this day back in 1794. After publishing the first book in English, Mahomed also became the first to open the first Indian restaurant in England. The restaurant paved the way for Indian cuisine to gradually become one of the “most popular cuisines” in Great Britain.

Diving into details about the number of places Mahomed opened in England, he opened the Hindostanee Coffee House in London, the first Indian restaurant in Great Britain, and later a spa in Brighton that earned the name “The Shampooing Surgeon of Brighton”. The place gained a lot of praise at the time, but Mahomed was forced to close the place in 1812. After the closing, Mahomed opened the spa under the name “Mahomed’s Baths” while offering “luxurious herbal steam baths”.

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According to the Google Doodle page, he combined the herbal steam batch along with therapeutic massage and called the practice “shampooing”. The book that he published included “the therapeutic benefits” the shampooing along with “testimonials from his patients”. The page also added that in 1822, King George IV appointed Mahomed “as his personal ‘shampooing surgeon’ which propelled his business.

The doodle page also indicates the countries where doodle is visible. Taking a closer look at the map, users opening the Google Search page in India, United Kingdom, China, Sweden, Vietnam, United States and parts of South America are visited by the doodle. The doodle itself includes a shampoo bottle with Mahomed’s portrait along with a number of herbs referring to his “Shampooing”.

  • Published Date: January 15, 2019 8:54 AM IST