Samsung Brazil shares stock images as camera samples of Galaxy A8 smartphone

As expected, tweeple were quick to call Samsung out.

  • Published: August 17, 2018 9:57 AM IST
samsung galaxy A8 plus review rear camera

Smartphone makers are known for passing images shot with high-end cameras as stock images. Chinese smartphone maker Huawei once tried passing a photo shot from a $4,500 camera as one shot using its P9 smartphone camera. Now, Samsung has tried to pull off a similar trick in Brazil.

The Brazilian unit of Samsung has done the same thing by passing off stock photo off as a sample. With lot less justification, the South Korean smartphone maker has attempted to claim stock photo as that shot using the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy A8 twice. It is evident that Samsung tried to mislead consumers in Brazil and since it came to notice, the company pulled down tweets depicting those pictures.

While smartphone makers have been increasingly pitching the front camera on their mobile devices as a unique selling point, Samsung Brazil seems to have gone way too far with its marketing campaign. As Android Police notes, the company not only used a stock photo but also took extra efforts to edit it. The metadata suggest the company made that stock photo look more vibrant and added its own watermark on the top right.

The resulting image was shared by the company as a selfie image shot using the Galaxy A8. Unfortunately, a Twitter user was quick to find the discrepancy and shared that the picture titled ‘Portrait of a beautiful hipster couple looking happy’ was actually from Getty Images. The original image was uploaded in 2015, reveals iStockPhoto data.

Samsung’s effort can be dismissed as a mistake but the company tried to pass off another stock photo as sample shot of Galaxy A8’s front camera. The company shared another picture from Getty Images titled ‘Boyfriend and girlfriend taking selfie, piggy back ride’ as an image shot from the front camera of Galaxy A8.

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Each photo from Getty Images is said to worth $499 (around Rs 35,000) and Samsung seems to have ruined the quality of these images. Samsung could have recreated ideal scenario for shooting with the Galaxy A8 or maybe it does not have much confidence on the camera of its smartphone.

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  • Published Date: August 17, 2018 9:57 AM IST