Samsung C-Lab unveils smart glasses, portable directional speakers and more ahead of CES 2018

Samsung C-Lab will officially launch the new projects at CES 2018.

  • Published: January 3, 2018 10:21 AM IST

Samsung has announced today that it will showcase three new C-Lab projects and commercial products from seven C-Lab at CES 2018. The three new C-Lab projects include – S-Ray, GoBreath, and Relúmĭno glass. The highlight is a product line called S-Ray, short for Sound-Ray, which is made up of three different speakers that are supposed to act like headphones — playing music so that only a single person can hear it.

Commenting on the launch, Jaiil Lee, Vice President and Head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics said, “Since launching five years ago, our C-Lab program has gained exciting momentum across Samsung, helping foster an innovation culture, and providing avenue for our creative, talented employees to pursue innovative new projects. We will continuously introduce innovative projects through our C-Lab program.”


S-Ray is a portable directional speaker which is so small, and portable that the company claims it will not cause disturbance to others while also helping you to avoid the ear pain caused by long hours of earphone use. Samsung has also published a video that shows three devices – Mini, Handy, and Neckband. To put it simply, it gives an earphone-like experience without the earphones.


GoBreath is a health-care solution developed by a doctor at Samsung Medical Center. It consists of an inhaler-like portable device, which is connected to a mobile app that helps patients with lung damage. It helps a person with basic techniques such as coughing or deep breathing, and help them in their recovery process. The app provides exercise guidelines and helps patients check how well their lungs have recovered.

Relúmĭno Glasses

Relúmĭno app was first showcased at Mobile World Congress last year. The app uses Gear VR to assist visually-impaired people by enhancing their vision to overcome everyday challenges. Relúmĭno glasses are Samsung’s visual aid solution for people with visual impairments. These smart eyeglasses aim to help the visually impaired to see more clearly when they are reading or looking at an object. The glasses work by relying on a connected smartphone for processing images from videos projected through the camera of the glasses and floating the processed images into the display of the glasses to enable the wearer to see better.

  • Published Date: January 3, 2018 10:21 AM IST