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Samsung claims to be working on under display camera solution for 'perfect full screen' experience

Samsung wants to get rid notch, hole punch and pop-up selfie camera design and put the camera under the display. It is not clear when the technology will become commercially available on smartphones.

  • Published: May 6, 2019 10:15 AM IST
Samsung Galaxy S10e (17)

Smartphone makers are trying to find a way to build a device that is entirely made of screen at the front. The biggest hindrance to that ambition so far has been the selfie camera. While smartphone makers have dabbled with the idea of a notch, punch hole display and even mechanical pop-up selfie cameras, none of them offer the most consistent experience. A notch takes away a large chunk of the screen while hole punch experience could vary depending on the diameter of the punch hole. In the case of mechanical selfie cameras, there is always a scare of the motor going awry at some point.

An ideal solution would be one where the selfie camera is placed under the display just like the optical or ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Korean technology giant Samsung is already working on an under-display selfie camera solution and consumers might not have to wait too long to see the tech on a commercial device. Yang Byung-duk, the Vice President of Samsung’s display R&D group has confirmed that the company is working on developing under-display camera solution. The information has since been confirmed by the Korean media and was first reported by MyDrivers.

Samsung claims to have confirmed that this new technology from the company will allow for a “perfect full screen” experience. This is said to result in 100 percent display without any openings, borders or jacks. “The technology can be developed to the extent that the camera hole is invisible and does not affect the functionality of the camera,” the executive told the Korean media.

The reports claim that the screen camera technology will be able to control the display screen. This is meant to allow the front camera to make the screen in the camera area to become transparent when the selfie camera is activated. In other words, we are looking at a technology that works similar to the in-display fingerprint sensors, where the OLED panel emits light to active the pixel area corresponding to the sensor.

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Samsung also says that the industry has developed solutions to hide away or relocate key components found at the front of the device. It then says that selfie camera is the last challenge in eliminating all the components for seamless full-screen smartphone experience. The details as to how the technology will work and when it will be commercially available remain scant at this moment but this could be the next big evolution in smartphone design as smartphones try to become tablets with foldable display design.

  • Published Date: May 6, 2019 10:15 AM IST