Samsung could merge the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S flagship series of smartphones

Samsung could merge the two flagship smartphone series to cut cost on manufacturing and increase profitability

  • Published: July 20, 2018 6:49 PM IST
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Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Note 9 in August this year. While the Galaxy Note has always been an anticipated smartphone, there is good chance that it could be the last in its series. According to a new report, Samsung is considering to merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, to offer one flagship smartphone.

According to a new report from The Bell, one of the biggest reasons to take this step would be to reduce the cost of manufacturing and increase profitability in the longer run. Further it will also help the company save on its resources, used in designing and developing two separate line of flagship smartphones. Samsung also needs to make space for its premium foldable Galaxy X smartphone touted to launch next year.

In hindsight, there is not much difference between the current Galaxy S and Note series of smartphones. Beside the S-Pen, there’s not a lot of new features the Galaxy Note series has to offer. Internally, the two series run pretty much the same hardware. While the USP of Galaxy Note smartphone was a big screen, the introduction of the plus smartphones in the Galaxy S series has also taken that away.

The fact that Samsung is planning to launch three Galaxy S10 smartphones next year could be a huge hint towards the fact that the two series could be coming together. Samsung could very well add S-Pen support to the Galaxy S10+, and keep the Note series alive through it. However, nothing can be said for sure. The report suggests the decision to depend on the response, the Galaxy Note 9 gets in the market.

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With two radical flagship smartphones set to launch next year, it’s believed that Samsung doesn’t have any huge expectations from the Galaxy Note 9. However, the company is still targeting to ship about 12 million units of the smartphone. Its key highlight is still the S-Pen, which this year is said to come with Bluetooth support. The phone is expected to be unveiled in August.

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  • Published Date: July 20, 2018 6:49 PM IST