Samsung Galaxy S10 could lose the earpiece and come with a sound-emitting display

The Korean company is reportedly ready to roll out sound-emitting displays in 2019, and the technology could debut with the Galaxy S10.

  • Published: June 13, 2018 9:09 AM IST
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Samsung Display, the display development and manufacturing division of Samsung, is reportedly on track to mass produce displays that emit sound in 2019. This will enable smartphones with these displays to do away with the traditional earpiece, thereby allowing for even thinner bezels and more screen space on devices. The technology could debut on the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is expected to launch early next year.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ feature a tall-screen design with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio on the screens of both phones. However, there are narrow bezels at the top and bottom, with the one at the top housing various key components including the front camera, sensors and earpiece. A sound-emitting display would mean that the earpiece no longer needs to be factored into the design of the phone, allowing the screen to potentially stretch a bit higher.

The screen itself will allow users to hear, and users would simply have to place the phone against their ears to use it normally, as they would with a typical earpiece on a call. Whether these displays would be able to emit sound loudly as a typical speaker can is still not known.

However, Samsung would still need to include the front camera and sensors, so it’s unlikely that the screen will be entirely edge-to-edge. Nonetheless, the lack of a physical earpiece would allow a bit more screen space, without needing to include the notch. While smartphone makers around the world are embracing the notch, Samsung appears to be steadfast in its belief that screens should be evenly shaped.

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The technology has been demonstrated in the form of a working prototype at the SID (Society of Information Displays) Expo, which took place last month. A production roll-out is likely to happen in early 2019, which gives rise to the belief that the first phone with the technology built in could be the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is expected to launch around February or March of 2019.

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  • Published Date: June 13, 2018 9:09 AM IST