Samsung Galaxy S7 edge goes up in flames; company tries to cover it up

Initially, the Samsung customer support stated that nothing could be done considering the device was out of warranty.

  • Published: September 21, 2018 4:52 PM IST
Galaxy S7 Edge Explosion image strip

Image credit: Reddit

Another Samsung Galaxy device seems to have exploded bringing back the ghost of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Details about the incident were provided by the owner in a detailed post on Reddit. According to the post by user Rokhana, his two-year-old smartphone caught fire on his countertop before freezing and shutting down. The user stated that the device was in his back pocket and froze and shut down after he took the phone out to take a picture. The user tried to turn the device back on for a minute or so but failed.

A couple of seconds after the user placed the device on the countertop, the device “spontaneously went up in flames”. The user added that a couple of towels nearby on the countertop also caught fire and they thought that their “kitchen was gonna burn down for a moment” to emphasize the gravity of the situation. The user took the device to his local customer service center where the customer support stated that nothing could be done considering the device was out of warranty. The post also described how the user was “close” to the device, and how it could have caused “severe burns”.

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The Galaxy S7 edge user pointed out that he expected the device to last longer and did not expect the device “to almost start a fire” at their place. Samsung support USA got in touch with the user to get some information about the device after the owner took to Twitter to contact support.

The posts adds that when the user took the device to the local store, he was offered a Samsung Galaxy S9 in exchange. He was allegedly also asked to sign “some paperwork”, which asked him to take down all the social media posts and stop issuing any comments about the incident in the future.

The user concludes saying that he opted to not sign the documents in exchange for a new Galaxy S9. This comes right after a woman filed a lawsuit against the company claiming that her new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 “burst in flames”.

  • Published Date: September 21, 2018 4:52 PM IST