Samsung is planning to launch its smartphone with foldable screen ‘early next year’

Some of the challenges for the Galaxy X include the need for a bigger battery because of the two screens, more powerful chips, and the related potential over-heating concern.

  • Updated: July 19, 2018 11:21 AM IST
Samsung Galaxy X patent

Samsung is aiming at ‘early next year’ as the timeline to launch its much-rumored smartphone that will come with a foldable screen. The company has been working on the prototype of the device that will come with a screen size of about 7-inch making it more like “a smaller tablet” instead of your typical smartphone. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Samsung has code-named the device as “Winner” and “people familiar with the matter” claim that this device is a likely attempt to help the company “re-energize” its smartphone business.

The stand out feature is likely to be the fact that users can fold the display “in half, like a wallet” along with a small secondary display on one side that will provide quick glance-able access to the important information. The company will also add the camera modules on the other external side of the device so that users don’t always have to unfold the device to click images. The report pointed out that “several phone makers” are working on developing a folding smartphone in the market at the time of writing.

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The aim of these smartphones is to act like a 2-in-1 device where the users can get the comfortable large display that they get with a tablet and the portability that they have come to know with their smartphones. The report points out that other companies have launched foldable smartphones, but the fact remains that those designs use two different smartphone displays joined to the middle frame of the device. As reported previously, the company is expected to launch a third flagship smartphone category along with the Galaxy S, and the Galaxy Note series, possible the Galaxy X series.

It is likely that the company will limit the initial rollout of the device while aiming “specific markets” such as gamers in the first half of the year, while increasing the scope “for a broader commercial debut” in the second half. Samsung expects that this will not be “a big seller right away but the company plans to be the first to the market. As previously reported, the company has been working on this device for a number of years.

The report is in line with previous reports that stated that the company is planning to unveil the Galaxy X at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019 and Galaxy S10 at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019. The report added that there are some challenges when it comes to making the device including the need for a bigger battery because of the two screens, more powerful chips, and the potential over-heating because of power consumption. All these issues will result in the device “easily” crossing the $1,500 market. Though, it is possible that the company may go on to change the launch timeline of the device as nothing is finalized at this stage. This comes right after a new patent surfaced on the internet giving us a hint at how the Galaxy X may work.

Last but not the least, the report added that the company is expected to launch its Bixby-powered voice-activated smart speaker soon. It is possible that the company may be planning to launch the device at its Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch event for about $300 which is in line with previous reports.

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