Samsung Max is a new data saving app on the lines of Google’s Datally

It takes on Google’s Datally app launched earlier this year.

  • Published: February 28, 2018 7:50 PM IST
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Earlier this year, Google showed us an easy way to track our data consumption in the form of an app called Datally. For the same purpose, Samsung is now rolling out Max app, which essentially serves the same purpose, and hence, stands head-on against the Google app.

Samsung Max app has been launched keeping in mind the Indian audience in particular. It is available on the Play Store as a free download, but only for Samsung smartphones. The new Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones in India will come preloaded with the app.

Though, to be fair, the Samsung Max and Google Datally aren’t entirely alike. While Datally is more of a data management app, Samsung Max has additional data saving tools. What it essentially does is identify the apps responsible for wasting most data, and strips them off resource intensive elements, which require more data to load.

Like you’d expect, the app comes with a data saving mode that tracks the data consumption pattern of all the apps. It’s up to you to block these apps from using data in the background.

However, what makes the Samsung Max really stand out is its ability to save data in the foreground as well. When in data saving mode, the app automatically compresses images, videos, audio files, and webpages in real time. It works with all video and music streaming apps.

The only straight up shortcoming of the app is its exclusivity to Samsung devices.

  • Published Date: February 28, 2018 7:50 PM IST