Future Samsung mid-range smartphones to boast curved-edge screens, hints patent

Few months back, Samsung had announced that it'd be bringing flagship features to mid-range devices.

  • Published: December 28, 2018 12:28 PM IST

Samsung Galaxy S9

There’s no denying that Samsung’s flagship devices are among the best out there, and come with a slew of premium features. One of those features are curved AMOLED displays, which have been a highlight of the chaebol’s top-tier Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line-ups for quite some time now. However, if a new report is to be believed, those curved panels may soon make their way to Samsung’s mid-range smartphones as well.

Samsung was recently granted a patent that the company filed more than a year ago. The patent details an LCD technology that uses a plastic material instead of glass backs. This means that the displays can be bent much more easily during the manufacturing process, and are also much sturdier. While it’s true that this technology could be used for producing affordable variants of Samsung’s future smartphones. PhoneArena’s report says that the company is currently only focusing on pre-curved panels, such as those used in Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line-ups of smartphones.

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The key point to note here, however, is that we’re talking about LCD technology. Samsung’s flagship smartphones have always used AMOLED panels, and it’s highly-unlikely that the company will go back to LCD screens for its top-tier smartphones. This means that it’s very much possible that the above-mentioned curved LCD panels could soon be introduced in the chaebol’s lower-end Galaxy J and Galaxy On series.

That wouldn’t be surprising either, since a few months back, Samsung had said that as part of a revamped strategy, it would be bringing more flagship-grade features to its low-end and mid-range smartphones. We’ve already seen the first fruit of that approach in the form of the recently-launched Galaxy A9 (2018), which comes with an unprecedented quad-lens rear camera system.

  • Published Date: December 28, 2018 12:28 PM IST