Samsung patent shows off a foldable and a transparent phone

These patents show some new designs that have not been talked about before.

  • Published: May 4, 2018 1:14 PM IST

Samsung has been working on foldable smartphone for a while now, and everyone has been patiently waiting to see one of those hit the market soon. And from previous reports, the company is looking at a timeline where we can see a device coming out in 2019. But if recent reports are to be believed, Samsung has filed for new foldable smartphone patent along with one, which shows off a transparent screen.

According to Patently Mobile, Samsung has filed quite a few patents that show different kinds of foldable smartphones and though we knew about a few of these from before, the rest are new.

 One of the new patent filed, shows that Samsung may be planning a tri-folding smartphone. When most companies are working on an in-folding or out-folding smartphones, Samsung seems to have taken things a step ahead.

The other patent shows something similar to what we have seen previously, but this time with a “deformation sensor” and a controller that will work to make the folding happen.

This patent also talks about a grip sensor which would sense the user’s grip and would bend the phone to fit it.

Samsung’s patent abstract says, “A display apparatus includes: a display panel; a deformation sensor configured to sense a bending of the display panel; and a controller configured to control the display panel.”

The other most interesting patent that Patently Mobile seems to have discovered is one which shows a transparent display. Though it is not immediately clear how the company plans to use this, there are indications that it might employ the use Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

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Though these show some really innovative ideas, we must remember that a patent does not mean that we will get a device of its likeness or the tech may just be a small part of another device.

  • Published Date: May 4, 2018 1:14 PM IST